[AG-TECH] Text Chat Announcement

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Sep 2 11:15:09 CDT 2004


Ivan, what's your jabber client of choice?

At 11:18 PM 9/1/2004 -0500, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
   >Tonight is the night for announcements, I guess. 
   >For those of you at the AG Retreat you saw the presentation about the
   >integration of Jabber with the AG2 venue client. We're planning on that
   >integration being part of the 3.0 development cycle. In order to
prepare for
   >that we're putting up a Jabber server for the AG community to use.
   >This jabber server will also provide the ag groupies a place to hang
out, we
   >have already created the meadow. When AG1 is turned off, the MOO
   >with it will also be decommisioned. The AG jabber server will serve as the
   >For more information on Jabber, please visit: http://www.jabber.org.
Once we
   >have the server configured completely and have tested it thoroughly
we'll be
   >announcing its availability to ag-tech.
   >Please stay tuned.

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