[AG-TECH] Text Chat Announcement

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Sep 1 23:18:52 CDT 2004


Tonight is the night for announcements, I guess. 

For those of you at the AG Retreat you saw the presentation about the
integration of Jabber with the AG2 venue client. We're planning on that
integration being part of the 3.0 development cycle. In order to prepare for
that we're putting up a Jabber server for the AG community to use.

This jabber server will also provide the ag groupies a place to hang out, we
have already created the meadow. When AG1 is turned off, the MOO associated
with it will also be decommisioned. The AG jabber server will serve as the

For more information on Jabber, please visit: http://www.jabber.org. Once we
have the server configured completely and have tested it thoroughly we'll be
announcing its availability to ag-tech.

Please stay tuned.


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