[AG-TECH] Location of Self Signed Certificates

West Suhanic giraffe911 at rogers.com
Fri Oct 29 22:45:34 CDT 2004

Hi List:

I have created my own certificate authority and signed my own certificate.
I have moved the certificate and key into ~/.globus and given them
permissions of 400. I have also imported the certificate, and the cacert, via 
Certificate Manager. I then make this self-signed certificate the default certificate
and issue the command:

grid-proxy-init -verify -debug -certdir ~/.AccessGrid/Config/trustedCACerts

This generates a proxy-(which can be verified with the Certificate Manager). However when
I try to connect to my Venue Server I found the following message in the log:

/mnt/scratch/AG2.3/AccessGrid-2.3/dist-20040912_155032/lib/python2.3/site-packages/pyGlobus/io.py", line 851, in get_request an authentication operation failed.
What am I doing wrong?



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