[AG-TECH] Service Manager problem

Steven s.jack at compserv.gla.ac.uk
Tue Oct 26 11:17:59 CDT 2004

Check when you run AGServiceManager.py that it is indeed advertised on port
12000. The newer version actually uses port 11000.
You could try to telnet into that service and see if it connects ie telnet
video.ag0.scd.ucar.edu 12000, if the connection is refused then I would look
for firewall issues on either the display or video machines.
It will probably be worth removing the service manager from the display
machine and then re-add it.
If all else fails run ethereal and see what the machines are trying to do.

Hope that helps


Steven Jack
University of Glasgow

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I had to shut our AG machines down for some building maintenance over 
the weekend and since I brought them up this morning, I can't get the 
Display machine to see the service manager on the Video machine (2 
machine setup). Both machines can ping each other by name and both are 
on the same subnet, but I still get the message "Exception: Couldn't 
reach service manager: video.ag0.scd.ucar.edu:12000." I can't see any 
problems. Does anybody have any ideas?


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