[AG-TECH] Idea for creating "observer only" venues

Frank Sweetser fs at WPI.EDU
Fri Oct 22 18:42:24 CDT 2004

While sitting in on my local node SC global certification run, the difficulty
of encouraging people with personal nodes to come in and observe events while
simultaneously ensuring that everyone in a given event is operating their
node properly was brought up.  While thinking about it later, I came up with
at least a potential solution - a one way bridge.

Take two venues, A and B.  A sizeable event is scheduled in venue A that will
have a fixed set of predetermined interactive participants, but the event
coordinators would also like for anyone who wishes to be able to view the full
event.  My idea is to take a hacked up bridge that connects to both venues A
and B, but only forwards multimedia multicast traffic and any other events
(such as shared app events) from A to B, and ignores any events that it sees
from venue B (although exceptions might be made - question tool, for example).

The end result of this would be that everyone in venue A would see and hear
each other, while those in venue B would see and hear everyone in venue B, plus
those in venue A.

Does this sound reasonable?

Frank Sweetser fs at wpi.edu
WPI Network Engineer
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