[AG-TECH] new windows beacon

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Oct 21 14:58:28 CDT 2004

There's a new windows beacon distribution. It's here:


This operates a bit differently, here are the details.

This beacon install will put a Program Files->RTPBeacon menu item. Under it
are the following entries:

1. Install Beacon Service (AutoStart)
2. Manually Start Beacon Service
3. Manually Stop Beacon Service
4. Remove Beacon Service

Once this is installed, just go and pick #1, then go and pick #2. The beacon
will fire up and you can go to http://beacon.dast.nlanr.net/ to see if you
show up.

I've fixed some reporting problems and other things, but most significantly
I've made these two changes:

- If there's an error with the beacon it now reports to the Application
Event log.
- The beacon runs as a windows service and can be managed using the standard
windows services mgmt tools.


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