[AG-TECH] Build your own versus inSors

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 13 08:50:59 CDT 2004

We are about to replace our ageing 3-computer main AG system with a
single computer solution.  Two scenarios present themselves:

1. Build our own (DIY) (like last time) and run AG 2.3 + the goodies

2. Buy from inSors and (at present) run their modified AG 1

I don't believe that Venue Servers are an issue: there seem to be
enough to go round, and even ones in the UK should the pipe
across the big pond get clogged or broken!

To keep the discussion clean, can I just ask whether "going for
inSors" would prevent us from running any apps, bolt-ons or
plug-ins (Shared <xyz>, JABBER, etc..) that are rapidly becoming
part and parcel of AG meetings.  By 'prevent' in this case, I
would welcome comments such as:

	"works identically"
	"works the same but has different interface"
	"works but has worse interface"
	"sort of works"
	"doesn't work"

I can't think of any application that I've seen mentioned in
the last few months in ag-tech that we're NOT interested in:
in the fullness of time we will want shared PPT, shared video,
hi-res video, shared DVD (we actually needed that last week),
PPT with visible pointer, ... etc..

We may easily add a second (1U) machine to the configuration
as a host for PPTs, VNCs, beacons and other aspects that
sometimes don't fit well on the main machine, but I don't
believe this affects the choice between DIY and inSors.

All dispassionate comments welcome, from DIYers, inSorser
users and inSors inSiders!  If you feel you don't want the
list to see your response, feel free to e-mail me direct,
and I will not requote to the list.

Cheers, and TIA

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