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Check what is displayed under "Talk" next to the arrow (>).  It should say
something like "Microphone" or "Line In".  Clicking on the arrow (>) cycles
through the various options.  Note that if you can hear audio, you may still
not be sending audio.  If the wrong item is selected by the arrow in rat,
you probably are not sending audio.

Andrew :)

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I've got my audio machine running Debain/GNU Linux and everything is
great.  I'm using the ALSA emu10k1 driver for a SoundBlaster Live!

The only thing strange is that the slider in RAT for "Talk" adjusts the
volume locally recorded audio is played back through line-out to the
Gentner and speakers, not the actual capture level of line-in from the
Gentner and mics.  Is this a bug?

Gavin W. Burris aka 86
Senior Systems Programmer
Penn State Visualization Group

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