[AG-TECH] H.323 hardware and Accessgrid hardware

Vic Cornell vcc at soc.soton.ac.uk
Mon Oct 11 09:17:55 CDT 2004

Have you looked to see if your polycom does streaming?

On Tandberg hardware its possible to send video and audio streams 
direct to multicast and unicast addresses.

Our Tandberg can drive a monitor via both s-video and composite - both 
of which could be piped into a capture card like the osprey.
You'd lose some quality doing that and I dont know if such a setup 
would qualify as a full access grid node.


On 11 Oct 2004, at 14:58, Marie-Noelle Dauphin wrote:

> hello ,
> do you think it's possible to connect the video and audio output of 
> H323
> hardware ( like  Polycom vsx700 for example ) on a videocapture card ( 
> like
> Hauppauge ) and audio card  of a PC which run accessgrid...
> it will save me buying camera , micro and gentner and i will use my 
> h323
> hardware for accessgrid ....
> thank 's for your response ...
> Marie-Noelle
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