[AG-TECH] DV Camera - working !!

Ted Hanss ted at umich.edu
Sun Oct 10 02:04:17 CDT 2004

For more info, Tom's Hardware has an article on this from Friday: 

>Howdy all,
>Its been a crazy week getting 5 nodes going and doing demos all week.
>But last night I had a play. I know others have tried DV handy cams as 
>cameras and that vic protests. I remembered an old ap that I used to use 
>and tried it last night and it worked. I can now use a firewire device as 
>I used webcamdv from www.webcamdv.com - well I got it from OrangeMicro 
>years ago, but the new site is probably more up to date. The older version 
>is a bit fussy and required a few reboots, but in the end I succeeded.
>I found webcamdv originally as it created vfw drivers for DV devices.
>Another possible camera option for folks. Hope it helps

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