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Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Fri Oct 8 11:49:44 CDT 2004

Actually, my question was a little different.  What is the state of the 
venue client re authorization and all the other problems that arise with 
differing times when the time server cannot be determined?  Would  it make 
sense for sites behind firewalls to change the hardcoded 
'ntp-1.accessgrid.org' in the distributed code to some NTP server that they 
CAN reach?  And shouldn't this NOT be hardwired, but a configuration option 
on installation?

(Bug 1189 entered)


At 07:13 AM 10/8/2004, Ivan R. Judson wrote:

>You don't need to be in the same time _zone_ as the server, you need to have
>your computers clock kept synchronized.
>NTP provides a way to synchronize your clock whatever timezone you are in.
>This is important because if your clock is significantly off, your globus
>proxy (which is used to get at AG2 resources) won't be valid on the server
>(since it's clock is correct).
>The popup you are seeing (this addresses randy's question too) indicates
>only a warning that you should deal with the situation or expect to have
>credential problems.
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> > I got a question regarding the 2.3 VenueClient and NTP. When
> > a 2.3 client connects to our venueserver, I get a popup
> > message saying the time on the server is 3786 seconds off
> > from ntp-1.accessgrid.org. Why is this check being done? Our
> > server isn't in the same timezone as ANL, so right now we can
> > only login to the ANL server.
> >
> > Can I edit the python file and change that reference to our
> > NTP server? If I do change it, will that mean our client
> > can't connect to the ANL venues anymore?
> >
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