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Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Fri Oct 8 09:24:13 CDT 2004

Ivan R. Judson said:
> You don't need to be in the same time _zone_ as the server, you need to
> have
> your computers clock kept synchronized.
> NTP provides a way to synchronize your clock whatever timezone you are in.
> This is important because if your clock is significantly off, your globus
> proxy (which is used to get at AG2 resources) won't be valid on the server
> (since it's clock is correct).
> The popup you are seeing (this addresses randy's question too) indicates
> only a warning that you should deal with the situation or expect to have
> credential problems.

Ivan, we do run our own NTP server which all of our computers are sync'ed
to, then our NTP server is synced from tick.uh.edu. I have triple checked
all times and they are all correct.

I didn't feel the popup was a warning because I couldn't enter our Venue
Server at all. Each time I'd try to connect I'd get that same popup.

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