[AG-TECH] Re: Fedora Core 2 AGtk 2.3 and Audio Drivers

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Oct 7 23:25:25 CDT 2004

Hi West,

> I downloaded, via yum, the AGtk 2.3 rpms onto a machine running stock
> Fedora Core 2. I have had a very difficult time with the device drivers 
> for
> the both the onboard audio, intel 8x0, and a Sound Blaster PCI 128. I was 
> reduced
> to using the OSS drivers-(  which are still only partially running for the 
> Sound Blaster PCI 128).
> My questions are:

Just a few comments before I answer them, before last week, I was still 
running Fedora Core 1 on both the grabber and display machine at the UQ AG 
node. I've since upgraded the display machine to FC2.

> 1) What audio card are you using?

I've only been using the onboard intel 8x0.

> 2) What device drivers are you using for the audio card? ALSA?

ALSA on both FC1 and FC2.

One weird thing I had to do on FC2/ALSA that I didn't have to do on FC1/ALSA 
is set the volume on the headphone channel to hear something coming out of 
the line-out (I think I only needed to set the 'PCM' channel before). Also 
the audio coming out of FC2/ALSA sounds slightly robotic, I didn't get that 
with FC1/ALSA, I haven't figured out yet what's going on.

After setting 'line' as a capture channel  in alsamixer, to avoid the 
loop-back effect, I set the volume on the 'line' channel to zero.

> 3) Have you upgraded the stock Fedora Core kernel from 2.6.5-1.358 to a 
> newer kernel?

I've installed all the available Fedora updates including the kernel 

> 4) What video capture device are you using? Again what driver and kernel?

Bt878 based Pinnacle PCTV, bttv driver, whatever the latest kernel update is 
for Fedora Core 1. I've also used a number of Bt878 cards with Fedora Core 2 
and numerous kernels with no problems.

Unlike the bttv driver, apparently the cx88 driver is a bit of a hit a miss 
between various versions of the 2.6 kernel.


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