[AG-TECH] Access grid Hardware , expensive !

Marie-Noelle Dauphin dauphin at idris.fr
Fri Oct 1 04:03:20 CDT 2004

hello ,

We used to Access grid on a single machine node (PIG  on  windows XP ) with agtk 
2.1 ....

Now we are thinking that perhaps Two or three PC will be better ...  
with atk 2.3 because  when there is more than  6 participants with vic  , it's difficult to move the vic windows ..

I  read the "tutorial  : how to build an install an access grid node " .

I have two questions :

why do they  recommand  4 pc  :  Display windows 2000 ,video linux, audio 
linux, control windows XP and not for example
 4 pc (control,display,vido,audio) all with linux
 or 4 pc (control,display,vido,audio)all  with windows XP .....
because  linux better for video capture and audio ?  I don't understand ..

Does the tutorial "how to build an install an access grid node" is up 
to date with atk 2.3 .....
For example with fedora core 2 do you still recommend    Hauppauge video 
capture  and Creative Ensoniq Audio pci ?
computing equipment + media equipment  + projection equipment is too 
much expensive ...... hum hum !!  :-(

at first time , Is it possible  to used only 2 pc  ?  audio+control on 
1pc with an only audio card ? and video+display on another pc with an 
only video capture card ? wich with windows ? wich with fedora ?
does atk 2.3 run with only 2 pc ? 

thank's for your response !!!!
best regards


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