[AG-TECH] New kid on the block

Gregory Browning gwbrowning at ualr.edu
Mon Nov 29 16:36:41 CST 2004

Hello all,

     My name is Gregory Browning.  I am from the University of Arkansas at
Little Rock.  I recently took over the technical duties of our Access Grid
and Cave.  I am a newbie to the access grid and have studied some of the
websites and documentation.  I do have a few questions if some of you would
so kindly answer.  All of these questions are for AG-Toolkit 2.3.

1.  I am a little confused on the VIC and RAT software.  Who is the official
distributor of this software?  Where do I download it?  Is it here
http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multimedia/software/ ?  Or is this just someone
building on the official RAT and VIC.
2.  I have seen that some of you have the Winnov Videum Quattro in your VIC
node.  Is this true?  This is a $1000 card.  Is it worth it?  Does it work

Thanks for your time.

Greg Browning

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Gregory W. Browning B.S., MCP, A+
Laboratory Specialist
gwbrowning at ualr.edu
2801 South University Avenue
Systems Engineering ETAS 300M
Little Rock, Ar 72204
tel: 501-683-7101
fax: 501-569-8698

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