[AG-TECH] [Patch] Big Linux fixup patch

Steve Smith ssmith at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Thu Nov 25 00:47:48 CST 2004

Hi all,

I've been doing some hacking on Rat over the last couple of days and
found a couple of issues that I've attempted to address.  The attached
patch is against ag-media in AG2.3, and makes the following changes:

	Update config.{guess|sub} to newer versions.  This is 	necessary to
compile on AMD64 architecture, and possibly some 	others.

	Drop the built-in DES support used by mbus and rtp in favour
	of using OpenSSL's implementation.  The implementation
	included in UCL-common dates back to '93 and has a number of
	portability issues.  It would fail to work correctly under
	certain combinations of compiler and flags, causing mbus to
	fail.  This in turn caused Rat to hang on startup (and fail to
	display the UI), exchanging corrupted mbus packets with
	itself.  I updated the RTP encryption to use OpenSSL while I
	was at it.

	Fix RTP packet structures.  The struct used to decode RTP
	had the 'interesting' implementation feature of putting a
	bunch of management variables at the front and calculating the
	offset in memory to the actual data.  Unfortunately this
	completely failed to take account of such things and pointer
	alignments and structure padding, and only worked in 32 bits
	by coincidence.  It completely fails when compiled for
	64-bit.  I've reworked this to be a bit more explicit about
	what it's doing and using the standard offsetof macro to
	calculate offsets.

	This also includes Linux Alsa support.

Could interested parties please test this.  The patch and notes are also
available online here:


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