[AG-TECH] Proxy initialization error

Todd Reed ex279 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 23 09:21:23 CST 2004

This is a new install of AGTk 2.3  When try to run the Service Manager, I 
get the following error on my display machine (the other two machines work 
fine):   [Any suggestions?]

No globus proxy found, creating..

Creating globus proxy for /O=Access 
N=Todd Reed
Lifetime in hours [12]:
Keysize [1024]:
Your identity: /O=Access Grid/OU=agdev-ca.mcs.anl.gov/OU=astate.edu/CN=Todd 

user_key loaded
user_proxy cert_chain
verify failed

Proxy initialization error:  ('cannot find CA certificate for local 
'subject=/O=Access Grid/OU=agdev-ca.mcs.anl.gov/OU=astate.edu/CN=Todd Reed\n
     issuer =/O=Access Grid/OU=agdev-ca.mcs.anl.gov/CN=Access Grid 
Developers CA
Starting Service Manager URL:

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