[AG-TECH] Problems installing AG Toolkit 2.3

Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Nov 19 09:32:10 CST 2004


On a laptop, it is not necessary to run the node service or service manager
with AG2.3.  Instead, just run the Venue Client.  This will start your node
service for you.  You can then use the "Preferences"-->"Manage My Node..."
to add the VideoProducerService (AudioService and VideoConsumerService are
usually loaded by default).

Andrew :)

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I installed AG Toolkit 2.3 on an IBM Thinkpad laptop (WindowsXP O/S) for a
customer.  The video camera is Logitech QuickCam Orbit and the microphone is
Plantronics w/ echo canceling.  I successfully installed the appropriate
software.  In addition I requested and loaded the certificate.   When I
tried to start the NODE or SERVER MANAGER services the following error
message appears:

NODE Service error message:

‘C:\Python23\lib\fcntl.py:7: DeprecationWarning: the FCNTL mode is
deprecated; please use fcntl.
 C:\Python23\lib\termios:py:7: DeprecationWarning: the TERMIOS module is
deprecated; please use termios
 Starting Node Service URL: https://my IP address:11000/NodeService
Starting Service Manager URL: https://my IP address:11000/ServiceManager
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File “C:\Program Files\AGTk-2.3\bin\AGServiceManager.py”, line 145, in ?
  File “C:\Program Files\AGTk-2.3\bin\AGServiceManager.py”, line 130, in
  File “C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\AccessGrid\AGNodeService.py”, line 359
       Raise Exception (“Failed to load default configuration (%s)” %
Exception: Failed to load default configuration (defaultWindows)’

SERVICE MANAGE error message:

‘C:\Python23\lib\fcntl.py:7: DeprecationWarning: the FCNTL module is
deprecated; please use fcntl
C:\Python23\lib\termios.py:7: DeprecationWarning: the TERMIOS module is
deprecated; please use termios
Starting Service Manager URL:’

Of course, the service should be running before I can setup complete the
Node Wizard.   I searched the internet for this error message and found an
article which stated the problem is due to  “Windoze “ which has a case
insensitive file system.  I tried renaming FCNTL and TERMIOS.  Also, I
renamed using the same name, but in lower case.   Has anyone experiencing
this problem before?   If so, what is the fix?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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