[AG-TECH] Firefox, XUL and the future of AG

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at cise-nsf.gov
Tue Nov 16 10:46:39 CST 2004

So I've been playing around with Firefox/Mozilla lately trying to wrap 
my mind around creating applications with XUL and started to think how 
interesting and/or convienient it would/could be to have a venue client 
written in XUL.

Now of course that would take A LOT of work. But I was curious just to 
see if any of the developers on the AG list have thought about XUL (what 
their opinions are) and how it might make for an interesting interface 
application to middleware (AG as an example).

If any of you are NOT familiar with the XUL application framework in 
Mozilla/Firefox, here is a short primer.


and a sample application which acts as an interface to Amazon.com using


Of course you need to run it in Mozilla or Firefox, but as I understand 
it you can make a standalone app.

-Doug B

p.s. Any opinions are mine and are NOT of NSF. :)

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