[AG-TECH] RE: Quickbridge and BridgeServer confusion

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Nov 12 14:33:53 CST 2004

Hi Joseph,

The QuickBridge hasn't been ported to windows yet, so it's not possible to
run a bridgeserver on that platform. We'd be happy if someone were
interested in finishing that work!


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> Subject: Quickbridge and BridgeServer confusion
> Using 2.3 server on Windows I am trying to set up a Bridge Server - 
> does this process require the installation of Quickbridge? 
> (as it seems to be called from the BridgeServer.py config 
> script and of course there is no such file in the 
> installation as /usr/bin/QuickBridge on Win.
> To do this one would need a Quickbridge for Win, which i did 
> not see at the Quickbridge download site. 
> I can move to RedHat of course, and I assume Quickbridge will 
> be there - unless there is a Win option I am missing.
> thanks,
> joseph

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