[AG-TECH] Windows XP and grid-proxy-init

West Suhanic giraffe911 at rogers.com
Thu Nov 11 08:34:55 CST 2004

Hi Sugree:

Sugree I have set-up my venue server
to work with my own CA. Everyhing works fine under linux.
After importing cacert.pem and the user certificate,
I generate Globus Proxies using grid-proxy-init under Linux.
However I am trying to do the same under Windows XP. I installed
the COG kit for java which has a grid-proxy-init. However even after
running grid-proxy-init, the Venue Client's Venue Manager does not
see the newly generated proxy. Could you please give my some pointers
on how to generate a globus proxy for a user's certificate under Windows XP?

thank you in advance,


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  Hi Sugree:

  Thanks very much for your previous reply. Sugree I have created my own CA
  using openssl. My question now is: Where do I put the certificates for the Venue Server
  to find them?

  best regards,

  West Suhanic
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    First of all, in order to setup your own CA, you must have at least openssl. Anyway, you can simplify process by installing simple CA bundled with globus package. Simple CA will let you generate new self-signed CA for you in single step. After getting CA certificate and its signing policy, you can import it to AG using certificate manager as a new trusted CA. Now, your server is ready to handle client signed by your CA. Note that all clients must trust your CA if they want to use certificate you signed. Unfortunately, certificate manager do not yet allow specify CA server other than argonne so you have to let users to generate request and send it to you via e-mail or other media.

    That's all you need to do. If you don't understand or need more detail, please let me know.

    Good luck,

    Sugree Phatanapherom
    sugree at hpcnc.cpe.ku.ac.th
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      Subject: Personal CA for AG Venue Server


      I saw your post in the AG-TECH archive about setting up an
      access grid venue server under linux and a certificate server.
      Could you please give me some tips on how to go about
      setting up an AG certificate server under Linux, FC2.

      thank you in advance,
      West Suhanic
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