[AG-TECH] Winnov Quadro and AGtk 2.3

Dwight D.McKay mckay at purdue.edu
Sun Nov 7 21:10:49 CST 2004

Can someone send me a pointer to the setup instructions for using a 
Winnov Quadro with AGtk 2.3 under Windows XP? I'm getting just one 
stream and its upside down in vic but OK in the Winnov Capture app. :-/

I'd go get the instructions from the ag-tech archive, but the server it 
is on appears to be down right... :-(

   Dwight D. McKay, Technical Architect
   Envision Center for Data Perceptualization, IT at P, Purdue University
   mckay at purdue.edu / v: 765.494.4481 / f: 765.496.7264 / STEW B31

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