[AG-TECH] Running VenueServer 24/7

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Mon Nov 1 15:55:08 CST 2004

Ah!  Another page from the 'Secret Papers'!!

(just kidding ... but it's so much easier than switching the cert around in 
the venue client, and I can set up the client as a 'real' user now ...)


At 12:09 PM 11/1/2004, Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>What you want is to request a VenueServer service certificate that you can 
>use to run your venue server.  The service certificate has no passphrase, 
>so it is used directly by the venue server (instead of having to generate 
>a short-lived proxy certificate).
>When you request the service cert, you can use the certificate manager to 
>write a service profile.  You can then, after retrieving the service cert, 
>run your Venue Server like so:
>VenueServer.py --profile <profileName>
>Derek Piper wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     I have been running a venue server, hoping to make sure I can keep 
>> one running reliably. I have found that although it will run with no 
>> problems during a day, the following day it has disconnected all 
>> participants and when attempting to join again I get 'Authorization 
>> failed'. Stopping and starting the VenueServer has things working again. 
>> Is this due to a globus proxy expiration? If so, how do I get around 
>> that problem?
>>     Thanks,
>>     Derek

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