[AG-TECH] Running VenueServer 24/7

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Nov 1 14:09:16 CST 2004

What you want is to request a VenueServer service certificate that you 
can use to run your venue server.  The service certificate has no 
passphrase, so it is used directly by the venue server (instead of 
having to generate a short-lived proxy certificate).

When you request the service cert, you can use the certificate manager 
to write a service profile.  You can then, after retrieving the service 
cert, run your Venue Server like so:

VenueServer.py --profile <profileName>


Derek Piper wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I have been running a venue server, hoping to make sure I can keep 
> one running reliably. I have found that although it will run with no 
> problems during a day, the following day it has disconnected all 
> participants and when attempting to join again I get 'Authorization 
> failed'. Stopping and starting the VenueServer has things working again. 
> Is this due to a globus proxy expiration? If so, how do I get around 
> that problem?
>     Thanks,
>     Derek

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