[AG-TECH] Anouncement of porting AccessGrid to IPv6

David G Mills dgm300 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jun 23 05:30:21 CDT 2004

Shortly the University of Southampton (UoS )and University College London 
(UCL) will begin work on porting AccessGrid 2 to run over Internet 
Protocol version 6. Initial work has involved analysing the architecture 
and design components of the AccessGrid, to highlight potential areas that 
require modifications.

The code development obviously requires installing everything from source 
to allow a dynamic control of the components. Any advice or documentation 
on building AccessGrid and its many dependencies by hand would be greatly 

I plan to post our progress here and hope to coordinate the inclusion of 
any work we do with the main CVS tree, once we have something viable to 



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