[AG-TECH] Questions about AG2.2 behaviour (under Debian) and some errors

Joseph joseph at cs.usyd.edu.au
Wed Jun 23 00:17:30 CDT 2004


I first have a few questions about AG2.2 normal behaviour. BTW : all the 
logs and files I'm speaking about are availabled at : 
http://people.vislab.usyd.edu.au/~joseph/index.html .

For the time, I have setup one videoproducer service, one Audio service 
and a videoconsumer one.

However, when I launch a VenueClient (with personal Node enabled), I still 
have 2 "video windows".

The first one shows all the video of the other people in the room, but not 
mine, and is called after the name of the room. The second one is called 
"Video" and shows the videos of all people in the room and mine own video. 
Moreover, at first, in this window, all the videos are "mute".

Is it normal ? I have looked through the menus but I found nothing 

Moreover, in RAT, before each participant's name, there are two triangles. 
Sometimes part of these triangles are green, otherwise they stay gray. For 
my they always stay gray, is it normal ?

I have some other troubles when using the VenueClient without the 
personalNode option (so with the Service Manager and AGNode service 

- when in the Setup Node window, there is a window (cf. 
SetupNodeWindow.png) at the end summing up the node configuration, the one 
where the user has to put the name of the current setup and chooses 
whether to use it by default. On my pc this window is too small to be able 
to see properly the line where I have to enter the Configuration Name. 
It's not a big trouble but it's disturbing. Is it normal ?

- when I have finish with the Setup Node Window, there is an error called 
"NodeSetupWizard.py:ERROR NodeSetupWizard.__init__: Can not stop node 
service"" on the log file. I'm not so sure it's an error since otherwise 
the NodeSetup seems to be in a kind of loop but I would like to be sure 
(cf. logNodeSetupWizardDebug.txt).

- a quite big trouble : when I leave a room (the test room for example), 
the VenueClient is "dead", I mean the window "freezes" and I just have the 
frame around it but nothing inside. When I put the cursor on the window 
the cursor takes the "Work in progress" stance. On the log I can read 
there is an ImportError : No module named pyGlobus.AGGSISOAP . Indeed this 
file is not on my pc (cf logVenueClientDebug.txt).

Thanks all


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