[AG-TECH] internal venue server

Christoph Willing chris at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Tue Jun 22 18:31:41 CDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 00:27, Jeremy Mann wrote:
> > Its been running almost trouble free in that time. It has had instances
> > of losing its configuration, so I'm careful about keeping a backup handy
> > of VenueServer.cfg & VenueServer.dat (from the directory in which the
> > server is run).
> Chris, we too run Slackware and had an instance where we too lost all
> server configuration files. Is this a common occurance? From that point
> on, I rsync the ag user daily so I will not lose everything again.
Jeremy, I believe I recall various emails mentioning this feature of the
AG2.1.2 venue server. Perhaps it is fixed in AG2.2 (as Sugree suggested
in another email).

> > The AG2.1.2 release for Slackware is available at
> > http://www.ap-accessgrid.org/AG2/. We're working on a release of AG2.2
> > for Slackware at the moment (currently testing).
> I would like to volunteer as a second tester if you need anybody. I'm
> very interested in the Shared Impress tool.

There's now a testing version of AG2.2 for Slackware 9.1 at
http://www.ap-accessgrid.org/AG2/. Packages for wxPythonGTK and xawtv
(prerequisites fo AG2.2) are there too.

I wouldn't use it for production just yet, but I would appreciate
testing reports if you have a spare machine. In particular, the venue
client sometimes hangs as it changes rooms. I'm not sure if this is a
bug or something wrong with my building/packaging system.


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