[AG-TECH] internal venue server

Sugree Phatanapherom b40sup at prg.cpe.ku.ac.th
Tue Jun 22 12:43:32 CDT 2004

> I was indeed wondering about my VenueServer. I run VenueServer from the
> directory where .dat file is everytime, but I often have to reconfigure my
> server all over again. I shut the server down just by closing the window,
> but it seems that if I use VenueManagment to close the server than all my
> virtual venues are intact. Is it really necessary to close it that way? I
> saw in the archives this is was known as a problem last January, has
> anyone fixed this. It can be frustrating setting up all the rooms each and
> every time.

I got the same problem only when I attempt to force the venueserver to
shutdown immediately (kill -9). The problem is that venueserver always try
to save its stage in VenueServer.dat so you have to wait until it finish. If
you kill it while it is storing stages, the stages might be lost forever.
However, VenueServer in AGTk 2.1.2 have some problem to not response
anything so I have to restart it manually. To prevent losing thing, I back
it up before killing it.

I am running VenueServer bundled with AGTk 2.2 on Fedora Core 2 on my own
CA. It should be better.

Sugree Phatanapherom
sugree at hpcnc.cpe.ku.ac.th

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