[AG-TECH] Problems while installing AGkt2.2 from source on a Debian

dgolden at cp.dias.ie dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Mon Jun 21 16:51:05 CDT 2004

> Hi
> having specified my node service URL it says "Can not open
> node management at https://localhost:11000/NodeService". Do
> you have any clue ?

Er. Just checking: Are you running AGNodeService.py ?

(a) Multi-machine
This is covered in the AG docs, but here's the ultra-condensed version -
after installing:
1. Start AGServiceManager on all the machines in your AG Node.
2. Run NodeSetupWizard on your primary machine to configure your Node.
3. Run AGNodeService on your primary machine.
4. Run VenueClient on your primary machine.

(b) Single Machine
1. Run VenueClient with the --personalNode flag.
Pretty handy.

> BTW, did you have to install some other package to have AG2.2 running ?
> On my side I have installed xawtv and the sound is working...

Well, with alien and the binary .rpms, yes, aliened relevant binary
library dependencies from redhat (i.e. RH's openssl).  But that is
something to avoid if doing things properly from sources.

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