[AG-TECH] Problems with bridgeserver on vv2?

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu Jun 17 12:21:40 CDT 2004

I attempted to connect to the Full Sail venue over the bridge yesterday, 
and tried to test with two of my machines which are on the outside, but do 
go through a firewall.  I've confirmed that the rules allow the bridge - 
it's worked before.

With two machines attached via the bridge to the Full Sail, I'm not seeing 
any video (my display vic on both machines just displays 'Waiting for 
video'.).  Nor at this point am I seeing any audio.

When I participated in the SCGlobal meeting before the Retreat, I wasn't 
getting any audio or video, UNTIL I clicked on my 'Talk' button, then I was 
suddenly hearing the audio.  But video never showed up.

I've successfully used this method in the recent past, with both of the 
machines that I'm using.

I just tried this with two machines attaching to my internal venue server.

I attached successfully with one and changed to unicast.  When I connected 
with the second, I initially see the first machine (still in 'multicast' 
mode on second machine), but as soon as I switch to unicast, I don't see 
any video, but audio seems to work.

I've done a little more investigation on my own venue server.  It seems 
that I cannot get a full connection when the switch to unicast is made, 
even though all the media gets restarted.  If I re-enter the venue, though, 
there is a very good chance, but not a certainty that I will see the other 
participants and have a full connection, even though they are on 
unicast.  I haven't waited for very long to see if something shows up in 
the display vic, so maybe it's just taking its time.

Is this a known problem?  And is it fixed in 2.2?


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