[AG-TECH] To: ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov

Matthew Martinez matthew at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Jun 16 16:13:03 CDT 2004

    allllllllright. i've been working on the certificates and have finally
been able to generate certificates that have been successfully
imported into AG. However, new problem. Whenever i try to actually get
onto the Access Grid, it asks me to create a proxy for
Martinez/Email=matthew at biochem.uthscsa.edu

and it asks for a passphrase. I enter the only passphrase i know, which is
my password. However, when i do, it says that my password was invalid, and
that i need to try again.


why is this happening when my passwords are matching.
i'm taking off after i write this, so i'll be able to tell you guys more
tomorrow if you have any questions, but i'm not sure what's going on...


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