[AG-TECH] Problems while installing AGkt2.2 from source on a Debian

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Wed Jun 16 08:02:38 CDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 10:58, Joseph wrote:
> Hi all
> I apologise for the delay of this answer. Yesterday was the Queens 
> Birthday and so a public holiday. Moreover, I have been working on 
> installing a AG2.2 from the binary for someone here who needed AG2.2 
> quicly, so I didn't do a lot recently.

I got sidetracked by the arrival of some of our hardware among other
things- the echo canceller is particularly... fun...
So I haven't got anything done re debian since my last email.

> I'm also really pleased to see that someone is working closer on the 
> debian packaging.

I'm only working on it occasionally, unfortunately.

>  So I will answer to David as far as I can and then ask a 
> few question.

> > openssl
> I used the debian version without trouble for the time, so...

Good to know. 

> >
> >>>>>> Separate packaging
> > gt3.0.2-source-installer        Now at version 3.2 "pre-WS".
> > I that it might be appropriate to separate out globus packaging.  But
> > maybe not.
> I was thinking of doing a separate package for globus-AG, as they have 
> done a separated rpm for it. However I'm not sure of the interest of doing 
> so.

I'm vaguely interested in globus debian packages for some other
projects, it would be very nice if they worked together with one globus
library install, of course, but it might take some time to work out.

> I also wonder what would be the consequence of an already installed globus 
> (with differents bundles and configuration). It could lead to a conflict I 
> think. Any clue someone ?

I _think_ AG avoids /etc/grid-security and works from ~/.AccessGrid,
which I imagine avoids the worst potential problems.  There's still
version questions, of course.

> >>>>>> AG-Specific sources:
> I'm more at ease for the time with the idea of producing a accessgrid-2.2 
> binary package. A source package could be interesting too but a binary one 
> would be, I think, easier, at least to start with. With binary we wouldn't 
> have to bother with all the other softwares required for the building of 
> AccessGrid and so it should be easier. I was just thinking of doing that 
> for the time, what do you think of this ?

Well, basically, once you have made a debian directory (analogous to an
rpm spec file) that you can call debian/rules on to build the binary
packages, that's pretty close to a debian source package anyway.

Best Regards,

David Golden

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