[AG-TECH] FW: Announcing the Access Grid Support Centre

Michael Daw michael.daw at man.ac.uk
Tue Jun 15 07:35:22 CDT 2004

Here's an e-mail that's being sent to various parts of the UK community
today. Although the support centre is not available for use by non-UK users,
I'm sure many of you will be interested. It's one of the reasons I couldn't
join you all at the AG Retreat last week. It sounded fun...! 

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> Subject: Announcing the Access Grid Support Centre
> The Access Grid Support Centre goes live today. From now on, 
> Access Grid in the UK has a formal support centre for 
> registered UK academic users and those associated with 
> academic research projects.
> Contact us at support at agsc.ja.net or 0161 275 6824/5997.
> From the home page of http://www.agsc.ja.net/:
> The Access Grid Support Centre (AGSC) is managed by UKERNA 
> and run by the University of Manchester.
> Our aim is to improve the user experience of Access Grid for 
> academic users in the UK by offering a range of ubiquitous 
> services, on-line and workshop training, a programme of 
> Quality Assurance tests, and general support and advice.
> We currently offer the following services:
> * A Virtual Venue Server as a robust navigation point to 
> standard Access Grid and UK-specific virtual venues
> * A ubiquitous and robust Multicast-Unicast Bridge for sites 
> in the process of establishing multicast connectivity and/or 
> for sites with temporary multicast problems
> * An inSORS IG Pix Server to enable sites to share Microsoft 
> PowerPoint presentations with remote sites via easily 
> configurable software that only has to be installed at the 
> node making the presentation, dramatically simplifying the 
> process of sharing slides
> * inSORS IG Recorder for recording Access Grid sessions
> * An experimental H.323 - Access Grid Bridge Server
> More services are likely to be added later.
> A programme of Quality Assurance testing is designed to 
> ensure a high quality of Access Grid facilities at 
> participating sites to overcome problems of poor audio, 
> camera placement, etc. that can detrimentally affect the user 
> experience.
> As well as providing access to our own and others' on-line 
> training and documentation, we also run a series of workshops 
> every six months that cover issues such as an introduction to 
> the Access Grid; services offered by the AGSC; raising 
> awareness of existing documentation; the wider Access Grid 
> community; debugging and fault finding techniques, especially 
> in the areas of audio and network; and tips for administering 
> Access Grid nodes.
> Additionally, we offer support and advice by e-mail and 
> telephone on all aspects of Access Grid, such as procurement, 
> running events, operating nodes and so on. In some 
> circumstances, we are prepared to visit sites (at their
> expense) to provide more in-depth consultancy. These are 
> arranged on request.
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