[AG-TECH] Windows 2000 and AG 2.2????

Nick Giannias nickg at cae.com
Tue Jun 8 14:24:57 CDT 2004

I managed to get the AG 2.2 client running on Win2K and the server on Redhat

The whole system is unstable though, with users getting kicked out for no
apparent reason. Also, the client sometimes gets stuck in an endless loop of
entering/getting kicked out/rentering the venue.

I got the BridgeServer running (on the same computer as the VenueServer) but
it's not clear that both audio and video streams are being reflected. Also,
the system seems even more unstable with the BridgeServer running.


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Concerning AG2.2 and W2000... I've installed the software and it didn't work
for me so far, I havent installed any certificate but my identity one, maybe
is that the problem? (i'm trying to set up an only one machine AG node, it
used to work with 2.1.2).

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> I just went to download the latest AG toolkit and realized
> that there was not a distribution for win2k.  Will the winXP
> download work on win2k?
> Deb
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