[AG-TECH] Two New AT Tutorials for Beta Review

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu Jan 29 11:31:38 CST 2004


OSC, Boston University, NCSA, and Argonne National Laboratory are 
pleased to announce that two new web-based tutorials are now available 
for your beta review:

	Installing and Configuring AG 2.1.2 on Personal and
	Room-Based Nodes:
	A Guide for Novice Technical Users

	Access Grid Video Troubleshooting:
	An Elementary Guide for Technical Users

Please take a few minutes to review these tutorials and provide your 
feedback prior to their release. Community participation is essential to 
ensure the quality of our materials, and we do appreciate any time 
you're able to spend in helping us improve them. Also, if you find them 
helpful, please let us know that as well.

These tutorials use WebCT course management software. WebCT is best 
viewed with Internet Explorer (IE).

We would appreciate your comments by Friday, February 6, 2004. Please 
send them to training-core at accessgrid.org. Once your comments have been 
addressed, we will release the tutorials to the general public.

Please go to http://webct.ncsa.uiuc.edu:8900/public/AGIB/. At the bottom 
of the page, select Login. Enter reviewer for both the userid and 
password. Please review both the tutorials listed above. All comments 
are welcome.

Thank you,
Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Boston University, on behalf of the AG 
Training Project
- Leslie Southern, OSC
- Shannon Schraegle, OSC
- Joe Reitzer, NCSA/TRECC
- Scott Lathrop, NCSA
- Sandie Kappes, NCSA
- Ivan Judson, ANL
- Peter Swan, BU
- Vyas Venkataraman, BU

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