[AG-TECH] New Camera

Lee Derks derksl at unm.edu
Tue Jan 20 14:34:38 CST 2004


    Are you able to see the video image clearly in other applications, such
as programs that came with the video camera? You may want to check the
encoder you are using in the VIC. One of the preferred encoder's is h261.
Also, you may want to go through the steps of "configure on transmit." To
configure on transmit, click on "options" --> "configure on transmit", click
on "release" and then "transmit." Make sure that the resolution is set to
the appropriate size, click "ok" and then check the brightness, contrast,
saturation, and hue settings.

Good luck
Lee Derks

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> I have been working on setting up a laptop node on my Compaq Presario
> Initially I was using a standard digital camera operating in a PC camera
> mode.  I recently purchased a real PC camera, a Veo Mobile Camera.  But
> I try connecting to the grid using this camera, I don't get a clear image
> all - in fact, all I really see is a red display with a few other colors
> moving on occasion.  What would cause this, and what would I need to do to
> fix it?
> In other problems, I cannot see anyone else when I do connect to the
> AccessGrid.  I have been told that this is most likely a multicast problem
> and that sounds reasonable, but I still don't know how to verify that or
> what can be done about that.  Any ideas?  Your help is greatly appreciated
> and will continue to be greatly appreciated.
> -Ron Crummett
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