[AG-TECH] New Camera

Ronald Crummett ron_crummett at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 20 11:10:27 CST 2004

I have been working on setting up a laptop node on my Compaq Presario 2100.  
Initially I was using a standard digital camera operating in a PC camera 
mode.  I recently purchased a real PC camera, a Veo Mobile Camera.  But when 
I try connecting to the grid using this camera, I don't get a clear image at 
all - in fact, all I really see is a red display with a few other colors 
moving on occasion.  What would cause this, and what would I need to do to 
fix it?

In other problems, I cannot see anyone else when I do connect to the 
AccessGrid.  I have been told that this is most likely a multicast problem 
and that sounds reasonable, but I still don't know how to verify that or 
what can be done about that.  Any ideas?  Your help is greatly appreciated 
and will continue to be greatly appreciated.

-Ron Crummett

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