[AG-TECH] [AG-Tech]QuickBridge with AG 2.x

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 13 13:03:33 CST 2004

Hi Kim:

The AG 2.1 software includes a BridgeServer that is integrated with the 
venue server.   BridgeServer.py is the Python implementation of the 
bridge server; it communicates with the venue server to get information 
about the multicast addresses being used, and launches instances of 
QuickBridge to bridge that traffic to unicast. 

At this time, the BridgeServer is not available on Windows, because we 
haven't completely ported QuickBridge to Windows.  When the port is 
finished, the BridgeServer will be included in the Windows release.

You can find the design document for the bridge server in the cvs repo


There's also a section there about deployment, which should help you run 
the bridge server.  The deployment info will be written up in more 
detail soon; I'll send notice to this list when it's available.

If you're interested in the source for BridgeServer.py and QuickBridge, 
it's in the cvs repo:


If you have any questions, let me know.



> I am using AG 2.1.2 and I want to know about the Bridge.
> In the AG 2.1.2 Version, we can choose whether to use multicast or 
> unicast.
> In this version of AG, the BridgeServer file is written in python.
> Old version of BridgeServer is written in C. and existing documents 
> are only about the C version Bridge.
> The Python version bridge is just a loader of older C version Bridge?
> Or Are these two versions totally different from each other?
> Can I get the source code of newer C version bridge?
> Or Is there any articles about the Bridge of AG 2.x version? Where Can 
> I get them?
> And isn't there a "BridgeServer.py" file in the windows AG?
> I tried to find this "BridgeServer.py" file in the windows But I failed.
> And if there's no "BridgeServer.py" in the windows,
> then I can't run the BridgeServer in windows system?
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