[AG-TECH] Disappearing venue definitions?

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Mon Jan 12 19:31:22 CST 2004

Has anyone else had this happen?  I've been running an AG 2.x Venue server 
for some time now.  I left it up over the holidays, but didn't actually 
check on whether it was responsive or not.  When I returned, I just assumed 
that it had gone to sleep, although it was still running (the BridgeServer 
was also up), so I restarted both.

Lo and behold, when I attempted to connect to my venues, I find that they 
had all disappeared!  The venue server was back to it's default initial 
state.  There was no 'backup' in the VenueServer.dat.bak file - it was 
identical to the main .dat file.

This has happened before, and those times, I figured it was something that 
I had done in fiddling with the configuration.  But definitely NOT this 
time.  There is nothing that is obvious in the logs.

While my venue server is not enormous, re-entering is not a huge pain, but 
a pain, nevertheless.

But this points up a fairly significant hole in the venue server workings - 
there is no way (that I know of) to back up the server, and if that was 
available, of restoring it if it is trashed.  I presume that if a version 
of the .dat file was available, it would be possible to manually restore 
the server, but I have not encountered the instructions for this process, 
if it exists.

Oh, and BTW - I'd check Bugzilla for something like this, but it seems to 
be not answering its calls at the moment...


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