[AG-TECH] Current soundcards in use with Alsa and rat?

Eric Olson eolson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 22 15:46:13 CST 2004

For those of you on linux using Alsa with rat, can you tell me which sound 
cards you're using successfully recently?

I've had problems with a couple cards so far, and would like to try one 
that someone else is using, preferably with the Alsa driver instead of 
the OSS compatibility driver, but anything that works (without the line-in 
playback issues) would be great.  Someone mentioned that the Sound blaster 
live should work -- are there any others I can try before buying one of 
those to try it?

Here are my experiences so far with two cards:
es1370 for the sound blaster pci 128 (model CT4700):
  alsa driver fails on an assertion when running.
      rat-4.2.22-media: simple.c:1412: snd_mixer_selem_has_playback_volume:
      Assertion `elem' failed.
  OSS driver plays correctly but rat often resets the line-input playback 
      to on (i.e. when the volume is changed)
intel8x0 integrated audio:
  alsa driver sounds mechanical and seems to be playing back a little too 
  oss driver has the same line-input playback problem as the other card.

I'm testing with rat from both Doug's and Steve's recent packages and the 
results are the same.  I've also built rat from UCL's cvs, but rat only 
sees the OSS device and not the Alsa device, so I'm probably missing 
something when building.

I wouldn't mind helping fix some of these issues, but in the meantime I 
hope to find an already working soundcard for our production node so we 
don't have to keep running a script to fix the line-input playback 

Thanks for any help,

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