[AG-TECH] Nothing happens....

Patrick patrickhbrown at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 10:30:01 CST 2004

Hello to all:
I need some help!  I have spent this entire work week trying to
download the necessary sotware that will allow me access to the
AccessGrid using my laptop running on WindowsXP.  Much of me wants to
just give up on the idea of viewing on-line seminars through this
forum, but my competitive nature doesn't want to let technology beat

After several downloads and installations and uninstallations of
Active State python, wx python, and AGTk and many error messages
saying that python 2.2 was not found in the registry or the shortcut
for pythonw.exe has been changed or removed.....I recognized that the
installation of AGTk2.3 required the following software be installed
first:  Active state python 2.3 and wxpython 2.5 or higher.
So, I did download and install without incidence the following
versions in their respective order: Active state python 2.3.4,
wxpython2.5-win32-docs-demos-, and AGTk-2.3-py-2.3.exe

However, and here is my new problem, when I click on the new icon that
appears on my desktop for AGTk nothing happens!
If I open the programs list and select the AGTk tab/configure/node
management or node setup wizard, nothing happens!
If I click on the tab for requesting a certificate, nothing happens!

Is this really what is supposed to happen?  How can I get on the grid?
Thanks to anyone with some answers.  I must warn you that I am not
very computer literate so I may need the sesame street version of a
Thanks, again
Patrick H. Brown
Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology,
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute,
9600 Gudelski Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (301)-738-6113
Fax: (301)-738-6255

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