[AG-TECH] New AG2.3 configuration questions.

Marcus A Christie machrist at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Dec 15 08:13:03 CST 2004

Peterson, Michael R wrote:
> We have upgraded our AG to 2.3 and I have a few questions.
> 1) What is the best way to use certificates? We have multiple operators
> and I can not find an easy method to load each operators certificate
> when starting the services on the Windows and Linux computers. As it is
> now, the Windows user logs in as themselves, but I have the Linux
> systems using the same user name. Is there a command line option to load
> different certificates? Is it better to just use one certificate? If so
> should I request something other than an individual certificate?

I'm also curious about this.  We have an AG node in our department and 
we want to make it mostly self-service.  How do we best handle 
certificates is my question.  Currently, we're experimenting with using 
an anonymous certificate for all users to use (and a single machine 
login).  This seems to work but the documentation warns that not all 
venues may accept anonymous certificates.  How safe is it to use 
anonymous certificates?


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