[AG-TECH] Announce: x86-64 Fedora Core AGTk 2.3 RPMs

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Sun Dec 12 19:59:55 CST 2004


AGTk 2.3 RPMs for x86-64 Fedora Core 3 can now be found at:

Note: although it works, it hasn't been thoroughly tested, so I wouldn't 
recommend it for a production node.

The wxGTK 2.4.2 and wxPython x86-64 RPMs are based on the FC2 Fedora 
Extras SRPMs, but include x86-64 patches from Suse x86-64.

vic and rat were built from code in Steve Smith's darcs repository.

globus-accessgrid contains retro-fitted x86-64 patches, the modified globus 
packages for x86-64 can be found in:


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