[AG-TECH] AGTk/OSX complete deinstallation

David McNabb mcnabb at umd.edu
Fri Dec 10 08:03:33 CST 2004

Hi all!

I have two AGTk-on-OSX questions, but am splitting them up. Sometimes two questions in one post cause muddled responses, and I think answers to both would be very useful to me and others.   

This first question assumes that there is no "completely de-install" mechanism already available under OSX for AGTk and wxpython.  If one already exists, please let me know!  So here's the background and my question:

I managed to mess up a second G5's AGTk installation of AGTk, and so far have not been able to clean it up completely so I could start again from scratch.  Is there (or could someone put together) a complete list of directory subtrees and/or scattered files installed during the wxpython+AGTk2.3 install on Mac OSX **plus** other files & directories that may have been created during initial startup and configuration of the Venue Client and/or Venue Server as well?  I want to be able to completely wipe-clean an OSX box and be sure that I am starting fresh.


  --David McNabb

David McNabb
Project Lead, UMAGI
UM Access Grid Initiative
Office of Information Technology
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, USA
mcnabb at umd.edu

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