[AG-TECH] Fedora Core 3 Display Troubles

Todd Reed treed at astate.edu
Thu Dec 9 15:52:36 CST 2004

I've installed Fedora Core 3 on our Display System and I'm having
trouble getting the displays to span across the screens.  I have the
operators monitor plugged into a Matrox G200.  There are also 3
Projectors plugged into a Matrox G450.  The G200 works fine and the G450
is being recoginized by Fedora.  However, I'm getting a "No Signal"
message on the projectors.  I've tried going into the Display Setting,
Use Dual head, Second Video Card = G450, Desktop Layout = Spanning.  But
nithing happens.  The other odd issue is that there are 4 - G200 in the
Second Video Card section and 1 G450.

Any suggestions to make this work?


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