[AG-TECH] [Patch] Big Linux fixup patch

Colin Perkins csp at csperkins.org
Sun Dec 5 04:45:47 CST 2004

On 2 Dec 2004, at 20:43, Steve Smith wrote:
>> Do you know which options trigger the DES breakage in RAT? I haven't 
>> been able to duplicate it on my test boxes...
> I've pretty-much always found it with any version of gcc > 2.95 under 
> Debian; however Rhys Hawkins once mentioned that he started seeing it 
> with when he added my alsa patch (and compiled with gcc3).  Under 
> AMD64 nothing worked, and compiling qfDES with no compiler flags 
> caused gcc to segfault.  There's probably a optimisation bug in gcc3, 
> but if qfDES can trigger it so consistently it implies to me that the 
> code is too fragile, and playing around edges of what is valid C.  The 
> whole of my machine is compiled with the same compiler and it's 
> perfectly stable.

Interesting. I know some fixes went into the UCL tree for use with gcc3 
after the AG-2.3 version of rat, but they don't change the qfDES code. 
It seems that something fixes the problems though - I've been running 
rat compiled with gcc3 for a months now (on MacOS X and FreeBSD 5) 
without problems.


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