[AG-TECH] [Patch] Big Linux fixup patch

Steve Smith ssmith at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Thu Dec 2 14:43:35 CST 2004

> Do you know which options trigger the DES breakage in RAT? I haven't 
> been able to duplicate it on my test boxes...

I've pretty-much always found it with any version of gcc > 2.95 under 
Debian; however Rhys Hawkins once mentioned that he started seeing it 
with when he added my alsa patch (and compiled with gcc3).  Under AMD64 
nothing worked, and compiling qfDES with no compiler flags caused gcc to 
segfault.  There's probably a optimisation bug in gcc3, but if qfDES can 
trigger it so consistently it implies to me that the code is too 
fragile, and playing around edges of what is valid C.  The whole of my 
machine is compiled with the same compiler and it's perfectly stable.


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