[AG-TECH] External DVD player hook-up to AG?

Michael Daw michael.daw at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Dec 3 03:39:34 CST 2004

Yes, input the DVD s-video into the video card. For the audio, you'll have
to wire up one of those phoenix connectors (did I get the name right?) to an
audio cable and wire the audio output from the dvd into one of the inputs at
the back of the gentner. Then you'll have to make sure that the gentner
matrix is configured right so that you get the sound at *both* local and
remote sites (i.e. send it to the speakers and send it to the same place as
your microphone outputs go). Should be pretty straightforward...


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    We have a guest coming to show a special screening of a movie in DVD
format. Does anyone know of a way to 'stream' the DVD video and audio via
the AG? We are thinking about hooking up the DVD s-video connection to the
video card and then use that input as a video source. How would we stream
the audio? We have a AP400 gentner.
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