[AG-TECH] External DVD player hook-up to AG?

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Fri Dec 3 07:30:01 CST 2004

look at the work being done by ANU - their vic replacement, VP will 
stream the DV video - you can use a analog/digital converter (Canopus) 
to split the audio & video signal - which woulod allow you to push the 
audio through rat & the video through vic or VP.

Lee Derks wrote:

> Hello,
>     We have a guest coming to show a special screening of a movie in 
> DVD format. Does anyone know of a way to 'stream' the DVD video and 
> audio via the AG? We are thinking about hooking up the DVD s-video 
> connection to the video card and then use that input as a video 
> source. How would we stream the audio? We have a AP400 gentner.
> Thank you,
> Lee Derks
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