[AG-TECH] Finding Video Capture Cards

Chris Rosenthal cmr at evl.uic.edu
Fri Aug 27 11:07:22 CDT 2004

Hey Fred, Jon,


I used the following hack to the config.py file that Darran sent to the list
a while back and it worked well for me with WinXP and AGTk 2.3 Beta.  You
would have to change it for your capture cards, but it might be worth a





From: Darran Edmundson [mailto:darran.edmundson at anu.edu.au] 

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Subject: [AG-TECH] hack to solve Osprey problem under AGtk2.2 and WinXP






For nodes with multiple Osprey cards running AGTk-2.2 under

Windows XP, multiple instances of vic contend for the same

capture card.  The workaround is to manually resolve

the vic contentions after changing venues.  This is a

pain.  Pending a proper fix, you might wish to try the

following.  It works for us - your mileage may vary.




1) On your video machine, open the file


    Save a copy of this file so you can undo the following if




2) Line 985 should be the definition of the SystemConfig class

    method GetResources:


     def GetResources(self):


         Return a list of the resources available on the system





3) This method builds a list of AGVideoResource entries (one

    for each capture device) by scanning your Windows registry.

    Our registry did not contain entries for both Osprey cards.

    Rather than change the registry, the following hack sets

    the list of "found" resources explicitly.


    Around line 1020, a return statement sends back the list

    of discovered resources.  Insert the following code indented

    the same amount as the final return statement.


         # hack to hardcode known resources

         resourceList = list()

         resourceList.append( AGVideoResource(

             'video', 'o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 1','producer',


         resourceList.append( AGVideoResource(

             'video', 'o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 2','producer',


         resourceList.append( AGVideoResource(

             'video', 'o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 3','producer',


         print "hack to hardcode known video resources ..."

         return resourceList



4) Save and restart your video machine AGServiceManager.  You

    should see the "hack to hardcode .." print statement output.


5) "Manage my node" and remove and re-add the VideoProducer services.

    You should be prompted for the desired resource.


6) Let me know if it works ...






Darran Edmundson (darran.edmundson at anu.edu.au)

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